Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen-remodeling-the-kitchen-center-winston-salem-ncWhile we are a company that specializes in design, creation and the renovation of the special rooms in your home, we are particularly proud of our experience and abilities in working on kitchens. Our staff will be happy to work with you every step of the way in your kitchen plans and design process to help you determine what exactly it is that you are hoping to achieve in your new kitchen. Our kitchen consultants will provide you with a large selection of ideas and material that may help you decide what styles and shapes you like for you’re your kitchen plans and design.

These meetings will progress to point where we can provide a mock-up of the end result for you, so you can see what your new kitchen will look like after we are done working on the kitchen plans and design you provide the basis for. We aim to ensure that our clients obtain the greatest amount of satisfaction possible from their new kitchens, and with out expertise in design and construction, this is wholly possible with the Kitchen Center at your bidding.

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Designing your ideal kitchen should be a pleasant task and with an experienced consultant it can be at The Kitchen Center. We have many different kitchen islands that our clients can choose from that will fit the mold of the kitchen they so desire. One of the reasons we offer kitchen islands is because they are aesthetically appealing and provide a sense of individuality for your home. Our islands can be square, rectangle, or whatever shape your desire for them, with the most fitting cabinet spaces built into them. Your kitchen island will use the materials that you require to create the visual you require of it.

Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen has become the gathering point of most households today. You want it to reflect your style and for it to be an inviting and beautiful space. Kitchen cabinetry creates a major part of the look and feel of that space. Our kitchen design team will work with you to achieve your dream.

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Bath Cabinets


The easiest way to give your bathroom a fresh look and makeover is to install a new vanity and cabinets or maybe even a custom make-up desk for Mom. Our design team can guide you as needed to match your tastes and create the very best look based on your budget & time constraints.

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Custom Closets


AH! The American Closet. There is no more important storage area in the home. Unorganized – you can lose things in them for years. Organized – it will make your life easier and more efficient. We are expert closet organizers-we can enhance and modify your closets so they’re organized and beautiful.

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