Kitchen Countertop Designs

kitchen-countertops-the-kitchen-center-winston-salem-ncEvery kitchen needs countertops in order to be useful and serve the purposes you require of your new or remodeled kitchen. We will help you obtain the best sort of countertops you are hoping to find, from marble to granite and other hard minerals. As well as working with your countertops we will work with similar materials to help you design and customize unique and personalized cabinet doors and tops for you too. From using metals and woods, to minerals and finishes we will be able to help create whatever cabinet doors you are hoping to have achieved, as well as maintaining any cabinet repairs that you are hoping to have accomplished in your kitchen.

We can carve the materials you want to use into the best fitting shapes, to accommodate the design that you have chosen for your kitchen’s cabinet doors, countertops and overall kitchen space. As well as building a new kitchen for you, using the ideas that you have to make it wholly your own, we will also do the same in repairing or modifying the current status of your kitchen.

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When you have The Kitchen Center come to have you kitchen cabinets repaired, or your countertops remodeled, or anything else that you want your kitchen to possess. We will order anything we do not currently have in stock to fill your requirements. Our designers will also work to create the individual results that your cabinets require to actually come into being.

Since most of your kitchen cabinets and parts of made of wood or mineral based materials that we will help you repair and replace as you need us too. The Kitchen Center will use the same materials that your kitchen currently uses to affect cabinet repairs you require of us.

Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen-remodeling-the-kitchen-center-winston-salem-ncThe kitchen has become the gathering point of most households today. You want it to reflect your style and for it to be an inviting and beautiful space. Kitchen cabinetry creates a major part of the look and feel of that space. Our kitchen design team will work with you to achieve your dream.

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Bath Cabinets

bath-remodeling-the-kitchen-center-winston-salem-ncThe easiest way to give your bathroom a fresh look and makeover is to install a new vanity and cabinets or maybe even a custom make-up desk for Mom. Our design team can guide you as needed to match your tastes and create the very best look based on your budget & time constraints.

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Custom Closets

closet-remodeling-the-kitchen-center-winston-salem-ncAH! The American Closet. There is no more important storage area in the home. Unorganized – you can lose things in them for years. Organized – it will make your life easier and more efficient. We are expert closet organizers-we can enhance and modify your closets so they’re organized and beautiful.

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