Custom Kitchen Cabinets

custom-kitchen-cabinets-the-kitchen-center-winston-salem-ncEvery kitchen needs cabinets and drawers to store dishes and utensils in, as well as meeting the needs that you have for your kitchen storage and efficiency. Kitchen cabinets come with a variety of benefits that our customers will be able to realize, as well as coming in a variety of styles to meet the aesthetics appeals that our clients wish to have met. From the wood used to make your kitchen cabinets and drawers, to the knobs and handles placed on the cabinet doors and drawers.

The Kitchen Center is South Carolina’s first and best choice for your entire kitchen remodeling needs, and with our expert technicians we can meet all your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Custom kitchen cabinets should reflect the tastes and desires of our clients, which is why our designers will work with you to determine the shape and size of the custom kitchen cabinets should take. This allows us to deliver a specialized product that our clients will find suitable for their tastes and purposes.

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Part of creating custom kitchen cabinets at The Kitchen Center is surfacing them so they have the protection and layering you require of them to remain in the best condition they may. If you want to keep the current cabinets you have, and merely want to modify their shapes and sizes, but like their locations, we can help you create the space and designs you need to accomplish that goal.

This will also entail some cabinet resurfacing to make your cabinets more element resistant and refinish them. Our finishes will allow your cabinets to maintain a healthy gleam longer than many other companies or finishing products, with unique application and ingredients. This will serve to make your kitchen a more attractive place to cook in, while helping it remain clean in the face of splattering oil and grease.

Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen has become the gathering point of most households today. You want it to reflect your style and for it to be an inviting and beautiful space. Kitchen cabinetry creates a major part of the look and feel of that space. Our kitchen design team will work with you to achieve your dream.

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Bath Cabinets


The easiest way to give your bathroom a fresh look and makeover is to install a new vanity and cabinets or maybe even a custom make-up desk for Mom. Our design team can guide you as needed to match your tastes and create the very best look based on your budget & time constraints.

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Custom Closets


AH! The American Closet. There is no more important storage area in the home. Unorganized – you can lose things in them for years. Organized – it will make your life easier and more efficient. We are expert closet organizers-we can enhance and modify your closets so they’re organized and beautiful.

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