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custom-closet-design-the-kitchen-center-winston-salem-ncThe Kitchen Center of Winston Salem builds and installs custom closet systems to meet all your wants and needs. You can select from a wide range of materials, colors, styles and configuration. We will design your walk-in closets, garage cabinets, pantries, laundry rooms and wall units uniquely to your specifications as desires. We can build it out of melamine or even cedar, plywood and redwood.

A walk-in closet is exactly what the name would imply: it is a closet system that is large enough for you to step into and move about in. Walk-in closets can be just a few square feet or as large as an entire bedroom filled with your clothes and whatever else you think belongs in it. Whatever the purpose of your specially designed walk-in closet, they create the same design opportunities and challenges.

Since walk-in closets are larger, they allow for more storage and space in which you can keep your clothes and other articles. But their corners and angles need careful planning to maximize storage ease and efficiency. Your closets, whether they are walk-ins or not should be there to make your life easier, and not cause you more stress.

The staffs of the Kitchen Center at Winston Salem are experts at creating walk-in custom closets that take full advantage of your closet’s layout and incorporate the design and specifications that you need and want.

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A Gallery of Our Closet Designs

Well-designed and intelligent closets can help turn any room into a perfect home base. We offer a wide range of custom closet storage solutions that can help you get the most out of your bedroom space or living room or whichever room you need a closet for.

Imagine an organized closet for your children with all their toys and a place for everything!

Our designers are experts at organizing any space for maximum use and comfort!

Give us a call on 336.725.2343 or
stop by today to get started!

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Personal Dressing Room

Everything At Your Fingertips

A Personal Vanity

Spaces Designed For You

Hidden Helpers

Maximizing Space

A Functional Alcove

WOW - Organization

A Place For Everything

Everything In Its Place

Functional & Beautiful

Functional Space

Clean Integration

Built-In Furniture

Maximum Space Utilization

Simple & Functional

The Warmth of Wood

Efficiency of Spaces


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